Complete learning process

Identifying needs for new knowledge and skills

Consultation to select a suitable curriculum

Adapting themes to the needs of the learning group

Conducting theoretical and practical lessons

Admission and holding of final and state examinations

Analysis of results and recommendations for future development

Trainings in over 60 professions and specialties

Personnel Holding’s vocational training centers offer services to individuals, either individually or within an organizational framework, who want to be involved and undergo a process of acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to improve their performance and sustainable employment. We offer a complete set of trainings in over 60 professions and specialties developed and adapted to the demands of our partners and clients. Through Personnel Holding, over 8,000 people have already successfully completed trainings in various key competences in 17 different cities in Bulgaria.

The Center has specialists and consultants with many years of experience in conducting trainings and seminars. Approved learning techniques, materials and programs for conducting professional courses as well as our innovative e-learning system help us to carry out our work on an extremely professional level to achieve high results.

Personnel Holding has spacious halls, which are an effective solution for conducting trainings, seminars, conferences, presentations and other events.