Ensuring good and safe working conditions

Developing measures to eliminate and reduce the risk to health and safety at work.

Documentation of OSH provisioning and performance of measurements as well as analysis of the working environment parameters. The main stage of this activity is also the assessment of the risk at the workplace and analysis of the identified hazards related to the working environment as well as the working process and their impact on the health and working capacity of the employees. Based on this analysis, recommendations and measures to reduce or eliminate the risk as well as rules, norms and instructions for ensuring health and safety at work are developed. As an additional element of this activity, recommendations can be developed for workplace reorganization, work organization and choice of means of collective and personal protection.

Training and consultancy

           Methodological assistance for the preparation of the necessary documentation and the overall company policy for ensuring safety and health at work, as well as consultations and full assistance for presentation to the control bodies and elimination of the detected discrepancies. Timely consultation on current labor law issues related to the safety and health of workers and employees. Also, trainings of employees, officials and members of the Working Groups' Committees, Groups on Occupational Safety and Health as well as First Aid for Workers and other emergencies.

Monitoring and analysis of staff health status.

Preparation of an annual analysis of the workers’ health status as well as conducting periodic prophylactic examinations on the basis of which personal health records are prepared and maintained for the health status of the employees. Additionally, conclusions can be drawn on the suitability of the employee to perform the type of work on the basis of a preliminary medical examination and to develop physiological regimes of work and rest during work by professional groups.

Occupational Health Service

The “Occupational Health Service" is performed by a subsidiary of the Personnel Holding company: "Medico-P" Ltd. - a company operating with established quality standards and offering service at the highest level.

Experts working in the service are highly qualified specialists, possessing the necessary knowledge, experience and skills. They serve over 5,000 employees of different companies and organizations in a variety of industries. Through our offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna and Ruse we are able to serve customers in all parts of the country.

The service is available as a subscription service for a period of two years or more with an automatic renewal option. Signing a service contract for a minimum of two years allows optimizing the costs of the assignor.


безопасност и здраве

The Occupational Health Office has a license No. 593/2004 of the Ministry of Health. All legal entities in Bulgaria are required to have an employment contract signed by the Occupational Health Service.

The price for the Occupational Health Service is formed based on the number of employees in the company, the subject of the economic activity, the volume of the services rendered and the deadlines for implementation. The price is subject to individual negotiation on a case by case basis. Upon signing a subscription service contract for more than two years, the customer receives a 10% discount on the price.