Elements of our project counseling service

Eligibility assessment

Assessment of the administrative and financial / economic eligibility of the applicant according to the published evaluation criteria under the program scheme as well as recommendations for improving the opportunities for successful application.

Development, complete assembly and submission of project proposals

Preparation of the application form, project budget as well as all supporting documents and their submission on paper and / or in the electronic system of the Managing Authority.

Consultation, management and reporting of project activities

Preparation of all necessary tender documents according to the requirements of the program; Training of employees in relation to forthcoming activities; Maintaining communication during tendering procedures with the Managing Authority; Observance of the deadlines and activities laid down in the procedure; Providing organizational counseling for the most effective implementation of individual activities as well as preparing all documents related to the implementation and reporting of the project.

Specific project activities

Implementation of specific project activities of the funded project. Such activities may be:

  • Expert analysis and research in the field of human resources management, occupational health, industrial relations and other related fields;
  • Development of info-material, organizing events and press conferences as well as ensuring the overall publicity of the project;
  • Preparation, conducting and reporting of professional trainings and trainings on key competencies;
  • Other specific activities related to the project’s implementation.
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Personnel Holding is committed to implement all of the aforementioned services including the development of the project design as well as the related documentation from the very beginning of the procedure to the final report and acceptance by the Managing Authority.

Personnel Holding offers an individual approach and flexible forms of payment related to the different stages of the project proposal design and management. The consultation also includes the development of an individual financial framework, which aims to minimize the burden on the company's own financial resources and to facilitate the implementation of the project.