The process of recruitment

Pre-assessment of client's needs

Determining the quantity of new personnel, available positions and requirements for candidates. In this process we use the application of the personal diagnostic system Self-Awareness® as well as the specialized tool Job Matching.


Pre-selection of candidates is carried out based on the profile of the available position's requirements and the characteristics of the ideal candidate.

Evaluation of applications and interviews with candidates

The interviewing process includes phone calls, Self-Awareness® diagnostic testing as well as group and individual interviews.

Short-listing of suitable candidates

A short list is presented to the client. The expert team of Personnel Holding provides opinions and recommendations on each candidate on the short list.

Final selection

The recruitment process concludes with the final selection of preferred candidates by the client and signing the employment contract.

Self Awareness

The services surrounding the recruitment process allow our corporate clients to benefit form the system for personal potential diagnostics called Self-Awareness®. The system provides the possibility to  carry out a preliminary selection according to our client's preferred personal characteristics of candidates.

Moreover, through the Job Matching tool, the client is able to build an exemplary profile of a particular job position and to monitor its compliance (index of harmony) with the characteristics of certain candidates. This tool allows the client to select candidates that respond to the requirements for a specific workplace at a full extent.



Self Awareness

Through the Self-Awareness® system and the Job Matching tool, our experts are able to swiftly identify and choose the most appropriate personnel members for a specific job position in any organization.


The cost of service evaluation and selection is determined by both the number of employees being searched and the category of vacancies. When hiring seasonal workers and staff to perform a specific, time-limited job, the price is defined as a fixed amount for each employee.