Personnel Training

Vocational Training and Education Center

Personnal Training EOOD is a C-VET center based in Rousse (Bulgaria) and its main activity is focused at organising and implementing vocational and key competences training courses and career guidance services both to young people and adults. The organisation has significant experience in working with specific target groups such as NEETs, unemployed people, migrants and Roma minorities at local level.

Personnal Training has a license for implementing vocational training courses in 24 different professional areas. The organization has implemented several training courses for trainers and teachers and disposes of a large database of collaborators: mentors, teachers, experts, coaches most of which work mainly with youngsters. This allows PT to have direct access to one of the core target groups of the project and to ensure the large coverage of the implemented activities in Bulgaria. Since 2014, the center has successfully trained over 1800 people, both working and unemployed adults, in various key competences and in 5 different Bulgarian cities. The VET center also has extensive experience in working under various national and one European funded projects in the field of vocational training and qualification.

The experts of the company regularly participate in seminars and conferences related to vocational training methods and counselling in the field of professional guidance for unemployed. The company has built strong cooperation with various government institutions as its experts participate in various working groups on topics related to legislation reforms, strategies for lifelong learning, national qualification framework, and exchange of experience and good training practices as well as in initiatives for integration of migrants for successful inclusion in the labor market and in the society in general.

Personnal Training collaborates with the Bulgarian Employment Agency and Ministry of Labour and Social affairs in the implementation of the National Plan for Employment. Among the most important training activities managed by the company are the following projects:

- “Training for Employment” project under the National Plan for Employment 2014 - Successful graduates: 400 unemployed persons: Profession "Tailor" specialty "Tailoring" Rousse, trained 120 people, town of Aytos, trained 20 people; Occupation "Maid" specialty "Hospitality" Yambol – 20 people trained, Pomorie - 20 people trained; Aheloy - 50 people trained; Occupation "Assistant in Construction" specialty "Major and finishing works", Burgas - 25 people trained; Occupation "Salesman - Consultant" specialty "Salesman - Consultant", Sofia - 120 people trained.

- Project "New Directions" under the National Plan for Employment 2015 - Successful graduates: 200 unemployed persons: Occupation "Computer operator" specialty "Text processing", Rousse - 40 people trained and Vetovo - 40 people trained; Occupation "Salesperson - consultant" specialty "Salesman - consultant", town of Ruse - 40 people trained and Tutrakan - 20 people trained; Occupation "Cashier" specialty "Cashier" Ruse – 20 people trained, Tutrakan - 20 people trained; Vetovo - 20 people trained.

- Project "Active" under Operational Programme "Human Resources Development" - The project is aimed at increasing the opportunities for incorporation and sustainable integration into the labour market of inactive young people up to 29 years of age. The project includes activities such as motivational training, for active job seeking, training for vocational skills and key competences, job placements for up to 6 months, Successful graduates: 27 unemployed young people aged up to 29 years in Zlatarica region.

Personnel Training is currently collaborating as a partner organisation in the implementation of the Erasmus+ project "Emotional Intelligence on Labour Market" (2019-1-IT01-KA202-007474). The participation in this project corresponds to the strategic orientation of the VET center in the last two years to further develop its expertise in the fields of unformal training practices based on methods using gaming, culture and performing arts and social and emotional learning in order to support the improvement of its students soft skills and of the social and civic environment in Bulgaria.